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Website Traffic is the Key to Your Success!

Website traffic is the lifeblood of any profitable marketing campaign. Without it you’re just floating on a sea of emptiness. When I first began internet marketing I used to just place offers on my websites and wait for something to happen. Unfortunately I can tell you from experience that this is not the way to make money online. You cannot just passively sit back and wait for traffic to come to you! You must actively go and get the traffic either through social media posts, ads or by purchasing traffic directly.

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In this post I would like to share a couple of traffic sources with you. But before I do that I think we should discuss the difference between cold and warm traffic.

In my opinion and based on my experience, traffic exchanges provide ice cold traffic. In my brief experience using them I have noticed that they are big and quick on traffic but not on conversions. Of course your results may vary but it’s something to keep in mind.

Pay per click advertising and social media traffic are what I would consider warm traffic sources. In the case of PPC someone has done a search for the keyword phrase you are advertising on which means they are more open to the idea of purchasing from you if they searched a keyword phrase that includes buyer intent.

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Yet another source of website traffic are traffic exchanges. However, to be totally transparent with you, my experience with traffic exchanges is limited and my results have been less than desirable. As a matter of fact if we consider a terrible conversion rate as one percent then my results have been worse than terrible.

This brings me to another topic we must discuss when we discuss traffic and that is conversions. A conversion may be an email opt in, a visitor filling out and submitting a form or a sale. I will openly admit I am a conversion guy. If you are going to swing and miss a lot, get a lot of traffic and not convert then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Conversions are the trickiest thing because you don’t know what your website visitor is thinking, if they are thinking.

Why would I say if they are thinking? The reality here is that when you buy traffic from exchanges you don’t know if those are real people visiting your website or bots. Simple math suggests to me that the majority of those visits must either be bots or people who just aren’t genuinely interested in the offer.

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Let’s perform an example calculation here. Let’s say we are willing to accept one tenth of one percent as a conversion rate on ice cold traffic. That would mean we would make at least one conversion for every one thousand visits to our offer. By that rationale my experience with traffic exchanges has been terrible. I have literally sent thousands of visitors to an affiliate offer and made zero sales from that traffic.

This fact has me scratching my head. This specific affiliate offer is just asking them to sign up for a free webinar. So let me see if I understand this correctly. You’re telling me that I have sent over five thousand unique visitors to a “high converting” affiliate offer and I didn’t make one sale. Something about this seems amiss, perhaps there is treachery afoot.

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If we’re being honest with ourselves and each other you have to really question the results on this. I know I said conversions are tricky and they are but I find it incredibly hard to believe that five thousand legitimate visitors translated into zero conversions. Nothing about that seems right or on the up and up.

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So at this point it’s only natural to start questioning the offer itself but you also must question the traffic you purchased. Website traffic is the lifeblood of any good money making campaign but what we never really talk about is the quality of the traffic. You have the opportunity to learn from my experience here. Yes pay per click traffic may be more expensive but in this case just like most others, you do seem to receive exactly what you pay for. At least with PPC, Facebook or YouTube ads you have the ability to retarget potential customers.

Take it from me ladies and gentlemen, if you can create conversions then you will never go wanting. Until next time be good to yourselves and each other. Later, Callous Mind.

One more thing before I go. Don't be too hard on yourself about your advertising not always leading to conversions. I know there are things you can change about your landing pages or offers that may increase conversions but - you can't make someone have the disposable or extra income to buy your product or service. Unfortunately that's just the way things are. There are even instances where you can provide great customer service and do everything right before the sale and still not receive the business. Some people are just cheap and that's life.

Your ideal customer will not mind spending their money if they believe they are getting something of value, provided of course they have the money to spend and desire for your product. 😀

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